June 27, 2017 Leeco Steel Haul


Trail King Performs Under Tough Hauling Conditions

Recently, Trail King personnel were on hand at Leeco Steel in Brandon, SD to watch and film a 24-ton steel plate being loaded onto a Trail King All-Aluminum Center Frame Step Deck (AACS), owned and operated by JABR Trucking out of Mitchell, SD. The steel plate, distributed by Leeco Steel, was 1 ¾ inches thick, 10 feet wide, and over 64 feet long. Trail King trailers are made to hold all types of products up to 1,000,000 pounds. However, the length of this load posed a bit of a challenge. The driver of the tractor was prepared with load levelers for the trailer to elevate the load in order to use every inch of the AACS, including the gooseneck.

The load was lifted into the air with a crane and magnets and gently lowered down on the trailer to ensure the air bags could inflate for safe handling. Once the airbags were inflated, the steel plate was secured with tie chains and safety flags and wide load signs were affixed to the trailer.

With the load safely secured, the driver hit the interstate where Trail King's dependability was put to the test. The driver was able to handle the navigation with ease, as he does with his Trail King every haul, every day. The load is headed to Great Falls, MT where it will be used in the fabrication of steel parts.

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