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Dealer Promos

Please submit one order form per dealer location.

Literature and apparel will not be included in these dealer promo packages. Please visit the Trail King Merchandise page to order apparel/gifts.

After submitting your form, a Trail King representative will contact you with your subtotal and secure payment options. Reach out to your District Sales Manager or the Trail King Marketing Team if you have any questions/comments. 


FREE. Styles vary. Pens will be sent out in packs of 10. 


FREE. 6"X4" 25-page tear-off notepads. 


FREE. Stitch-imprint lanyard. Plastic clip closure. Limit 5 per dealer location, please. 


First sign to dealer principal location is FREE. Additional signs or signs requested for non-principal locations will be charged as follows- $100.00 for 18" height. $70.00 for 12" height. Aluminum plastic core with French kleet mount. 


$7.00 each. Hats will be sent out based on style and color availability. 


$5.00 each. Black imprint on black matte mug. Oversized handle for comfort. Limited quantities.


$5.00 for pack of 5 pieces. This combination chapstick/sunscreen is handy during harsh weather conditions.


$1.50 each. Colors and style will vary. Availability of some coolers with magnets! 


$1.00 each. Limit 3 per location. 4" height. Limited quantities. 


$4.00 each. Tubular shape can be worn 12 different ways. Useful shield against the elements. Light weight polyester. 


$7.00 each. Zipper closure, black padfolio. Pockets and notepad inside. 


$7.00 each. Heavy duty pen-style flashlight with clip. 

Promo Order Form (Dealers Only)

Please input Yes or No.
Pens are provided in groups of 10s. No charge. Please indicate quantity of packs of 10s.
FREE. Please indicate how many you would like for your location.
FREE. Please indicate how many you would like for your location.
The FIRST dealer sign is FREE to principal locations only. Indicate 12" or 18" height. A charge of $70.00 (12") or $100.00 (18") will be incurred for signs ordered for non-principal locations.
$6.00 each hat. Indicate black, grey, or navy and, if applicable, preference for mesh back or non-mesh back.
$5.00 each. Indicate quantity.
$5.00 each for a PACK of 5 pieces. Please indicate quantity of packs of 5.
$1.50 each. Please indicate quantity and preference of black (with magnet) or grey (without magnet)
$1.00 each. Limit (3) per location. Indicate quantity of 3 or less.
$4.00 each. Indicate quantity.
$7.00 each. Indicate quantity.
$6.00 each. Indicate quantity.
$7.00 each. Indicate quantity.
$10.00 each. Indicate quantity. Limited supply.
$3.00 each. Indicate quantity.
YES OR NO? Miscellaneous flyers include social cards, color cards, services cards, etc.