Questions? Contact our marketing team. Thank you for your interest in Trail King Industries.


These guidelines are for anyone who wants to use Trail King’s brand assets in their marketing or advertising and briefly covers guidelines for the assets approved use. Consistent use of these assets helps people easily recognize references to Trail King and protects company trademarks. It is important that your marketing materials use Trail King standards and approved assets correctly.



The Trail King crown is our sigil, the main identifier of our brand. Trail King uses only three versions of the crown logo - full color metallic, black, and white. Do not attempt to recreate the logo or alter the provided files. Always size proportionally, but never size the crown so small that it is no longer legible. Avoid stylizing the logo with drop shadows or other effects. Do not change the color of the logo or present the logo with any opacity. Do not place our crown over the focus of the graphic.

Download approved logo.


The Trail King logotype is used in design scenarios in which the crown logo is not ideal. Trail King takes liberty to use the logotype with or without the crown identifier, depending upon the situation. Only white or black versions of the logotype are permitted for use. As with all of our logos, proper spacing around the logo is essential.

Download approved logo.

  • Please DO ensure the logo has plenty of space around it
  • Please DO size proportionally
  • Please DO contact our team if you have any questions
  • Please DON'T alter these files in any way
  • Please DON'T change the color of the logo
  • Please DON'T use a light logo on a light background
  • Please DON'T adjust the opacity
  • Please DON'T place the logo over the focus of the graphic


Trail King’s color palette is simple and timeless- white, black, and grey. The “grey” color is very specific to our brand and the guidelines do not allow for other shades.


The registered Trail King triangles are the easiest way to identify a Trail King trailer on the road.

Most often, the triangles are used in the format of the ibeam, commonly used as a divider in graphic designs. The ibeam graphic should be scaled proportionally, not too small, or too large. Trail King also uses the triangles without the beam, but they should always be used in groups of 6 or more, and they should never be grouped vertically.

These graphics are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws.