TKSA Sliding Axle

Engineered for speed, the Trail King Hydraulic Sliding Axle is not only fast, but easy to use. The updated design offers  easier maintenance and a lower deck height. The SA features a low load angle, more corrosion protection and a smoother, more precise operation. Time is money, and this trailer will save you both!

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Capacity 80K lbs uniform, 50Klbs in 10 ft. 110K lbs uniform, 70K lbs in 10 ft.
3" I-beam cross members 12" on center (8" optional) 8" on center
102" wide X X
Perimeter Frame Gooseneck Design X X
37” loaded deck height with 17.5 tires X X
42” loaded deck height with 22.5 tires X X
9' upper deck X X
14” kingpin setting with 86” swing clearance X X
Hydraulic sliding axles X X
Tilting main deck – forms a ramp to upper deck X X
7 degree loading angle, 15 degree dump angle X X
Air Ride suspension X X
Air Ride raising/lowering control panel w/liquid-filled air gauge on upper deck X X
No traveling hydraulic lines for sliding axle operation X X
Side by side 2-stage cylinder, closed in travel position X X
Air and electrical lines contained in protective track X X
Single recessed winch roller at front of deck X X
Skid plate on slope of upper deck X X
Dual push/pull style hydraulic valve controls with Kar-Tech remote (winch only) X X
Three tail lights per side  X X
Central located lube system for axles X X
4 beam main frame construction X X
Triangle cutouts X X
50” axle spacing X X
25,000 lb. axles (5/8” wall) 2 or 3  3
Updated high-speed hydraulic system X X
Grease-less composite bushing for rollers in the slide pan X X
Automatic slack adjusters X X
One-piece oil seals X X
Zip tork axle nuts X X
80’ winch cable with locking safety hook X X
Key hole slots on 24” centers in inner and outer beams X X
3/8” high-strength smooth approach plate X X
4-way slots on approach plate X X
2 side access tool boxes at front of upper deck X X
LED lights, 50 state legal X X
Electrical system per DOT regulations X X
Mid-turn signal clearance lights X X
Rubber mounted sealed lights with sealed harness system X X
Mud flaps X X
Red & white conspicuity markings X X
Paint – Trail King 2-part epoxy primer and polyurethane paint X X

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