TKHT Hydraulic Tail

The hydraulic recessed upper deck ramp allows you to load the upper deck and maximize your hauling capacity.

With the push of a lever, the hydraulic tail trailer can be lowered to load from ground level or raised to load from a dock up to 58" in height without the use of ramps or forklifts.

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Standard Equipment

HT – Standard Equipment 80HT
Capacity in 10’ 50,000 lbs.
Overall length 47’ 11”
Hydraulic winch 12,000 lbs
Winch Guard X
16” kingpin setting with 86”swing X
Overall width 102”
Wireless remote for winch X
Star traction over steel on last 3’ of wheel covers, tail and fold under X
Axle spacing 49”
25,000 lb. capacity (5/8” wall) axles 2