TKRB Rollback

Trail King Rollback trailers are outfitted with the highest quality materials for increased durability and capacity. The continuous I-beam mainframe and I-beam cross members provide load hauling strength. With a constant 7 degree load angle for the entire length of the trailer bed, the TKRB provides a stress-free, safe and convenient operation for loading equipment. 

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TKRB Standard Equipment TK40RB TK50RB
Capacity 40,000 lb. 50,000 lb
Tongue Length 7' 7’
Deck Width 102” 102”
Deck Length 28’ 30’
Pintle Eye Hitch (Adjustable Height) 16.5” - 32" 16.5” - 32"
Loaded Deck Height 35.5” 35.5”
Floor plate on approach plate and fold under X
17” hydraulic fold-down approach plate and under-ride protection X X
Air Brakes 12.25” x 7.5” 4S2M ABS 12.25” x 7.5” 4S2M ABS
Dual Steer Disc Wheels 6.75” x 17.5” dual steel 8-stud hub-piloted 6.75” x 17.5” dual steel 8-stud hub-piloted
Tires 215/75R x 17.5 215/75R x 17.5
Axles (2) 20,000 lb. / 49” spacing (3) 20,000 lb. / 51.5” spacing
Spring Suspension X X
Safety chains with grab hooks X X
Covered Lockable Toolbox X X
(10) D-Rings X X
Headboard X X

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