Schnable System

Trail King offers front and rear schnable goosenecks engineered to be lightweight while still increasing payload. This product offers more lifting power enabled by operating at a lower hydraulic pressure. The supportive truss brace at the top of the tower offers greater stability and service life and the dual-side controls are accessible from the ground level for user-friendly operation. 

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Schnable System - Standard Equipment 24’ Gen 3 Front Gooseneck 24’ 6” Gen 3 Rear Gooseneck
Capacity 85,000 lbs. 85,000 lbs.
Pivoting tower raises and lowers load X X
Telescoping single tower adapts to flange diameter X X
Hydraulic support (requires external supply) X X
Hydraulic Controls Both sides Both sides
Air lock for main lift and gooseneck support arm X X
Single upper tower support X X
1 set of tension hooks X X
Weight 11,850 lbs. 11,220 lbs