TKAACS All-Aluminum Center Frame Step Deck

This step deck trailer features superior corrosion resistance, all-aluminum framing, and zinc-plated or armor-coated steel components, making this piece of equipment the most dependable, long-lasting step deck trailer you’ll ever own.

The all-aluminum center frame step deck can accommodate your toughest payloads, including short, tall, and any cargo configurations. It’s engineered for superior load-hauling strength combined with competitive low deck heights.

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Base Weight 8,635 lbs. 8,947 lbs. 9,059 lbs.
Capacity 80K Distributed 80K Distributed 80K Distributed
Loaded Deck Height 34” 38” 40”
Loaded Ground Clearance 9” 13” 15”
Overall Width 102” 102” 102”
Overall Length 47’ 10” 47’ 10” 47’ 10”
Kingpin Setting 14” 14” 14”
Fifth Wheel Height 48” – 50” 48” – 50” 48” – 50”
Upper Deck Length 10’ 10’ 10’
Concentrated Load Rating 60K in 10’ 60K in 10’ 60K in 10’
Aluminum Decking w/ (3) Flush Apitong Nailers X X X
Cross Member Spacing (Main/Upper) 12’/18” 12’/18” 12’/18”
Suspension Holland CB25U Holland CB25U Holland CBX23U
Suspension Configuration Tandem Tandem Tandem
Suspension Spacing 50” 50” `50”
Rear Axle Location Wheels Back Wheels Back Wheels Back
Anti-Lock Braking System 2S1M 2S1M 2S1M
Drum Brakes 12 ¼ x 7 ½ 12 ¼ x 7 ½ 16 ½ x 7
Brake Rating 20K 20K 20K
Manual Raise/Lower w/Gauge Enclosure X X X
Wheels 6.75 x 17.5 Steel 8.25 x 19.5 Steel 8.25 x 22.5 Steel
Tires 235/75R17.5 265/70R19.5 255/70R22.5
2-Speed Landing Gear X X X
Flag Holders 3/side 3/side 3/side
Sealed Electrical System X X X
LED Lights X X X
DOT Required Lights w/Mid-Turn & 3rd Tail Light X X X
Document Holder X X X
Red and White Conspicuity Markings X X X
Standard TK Decals X X X
3/8” x 3” Aluminum Rub Rail w/ Double Chain Spools  X X X
Stake Pockets (24” O.C.) – Sides & Front X X X
Full-Length Hook Track X X X
Anti-Corrosion Barrier Between Aluminum and Steel X X X
Zinc Coated Steel Components X X X
Armor Coated Landing Gear & Suspensions X X X
Dock Bumpers X X X